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Unban for Hunnid (dr4p)
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qravo Member
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9 months ago

We all make mistakes, including me. I have done many, and I have broken relationships with the staff, and owners due to my actions towards the community that grew me as I played minecraft. I went against the rules which resulted into my ban, and I understand that it's viable but I think there's been enough time for me to comprehend my actions and regrow from my mistakes. So all I ask for is another chance to join the community. I've been wanting to play again for a while, seeing all my friends enjoying themselves has left me to want to join. I understand trust has to be regrown as it does not come automatically, but in the form of maybe being banned from league/chat, just so I can chill in the community similar to what happened to with fbcers and ex-zfcers. All my unban appeals have been futile but some members want me back after discussion with them and if I could get another chance into the community, that's all I'd need.


Thanks for reading, and have a happy new year. 

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Neeonn Developer
Owner Member
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9 months ago


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