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Neeonn Owner Member
k3rch4 7 months ago
Brodolom u moru lepih žena A pod kožom ti mi ostaješ Zar nijedna tvoje oči nema? O, Bože, kako mi nedostaješ
Miha 9 months ago
Dobro jutro, Radnicka Munjo!
k3rch4 11 months ago
nema unreala, pls unban pls pls pls pls
Popke 11 months ago
izadji kerime
caki over 2 years ago
+rep dobar owner
M8rren over 2 years ago
+rep najjaci owner :0
Miha over 2 years ago
I ne volim te vise
over 2 years ago
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Updating the thread with exceptions.


  1. GK/CB players passing before or to the center line.
  2. If the shot is not directed to the goal (excluding wall shots).

Updating the thread with punishments.

Punishments per number of violations:

  1. 3d FC Ban + FCFA Verbal Warning
  2. 7d Server Ban + FCFA Warning
  3. 1 Season Suspension

FCFA can punish you during the official match or after the match whilst reviewing VAR footage if they find any shots suspicious.

We've tried silently banning people for these shooting methods in order to make it less known but our efforts didn't matter. People are still actively using them to gain advantage and score incredibly fast which is basically unsavable.

I'm making an executive decision to label this shooting method as "Unreal KP" and mark is as bannable like "F2 Shot". Method in question: https://i.imgur.com/BoLW8Kr.mp4

Unban for Hunnid (dr4p) about 1 year ago


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