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Welcome to Divine Realms's rules page!

[13.08.2022. 21:50] Added rule about clients.
[01.10.2022. 12:15] Added Punishment durations.

Disclaimer: The rules are subject to change if and when there's a need for that.

Global rules

1. Don't insult other community members.
- increasing tempmute 5-1d

2. Use of any clients except Vanilla is forbidden.
2.0 Lunar, Badlion, Feather, Forge, etc aren't allowed.

  2.1 FCFA's VAR can use Forge for ReplayMod.
  2.2 OptiFine is the only mod that's allowed.
- increasing tempban 7d-permanent

3. Refrain from spamming, flooding and using excessive caps lock.
- increasing tempmute 5-30min

4. Revealing community members personal informations ("doxing") is prohibited.
- increasing tempban 5d-permanent

5. Nationalism, racism, homophobia, sexism, etc is prohibited.
- 2d tempmute

6. Bypassing set filters and/or punishments is not allowed.
6.0 Mute bypass: 2h tempban
6.1 Ban bypass: permanent ban

7. Don't advertise other communities, discord and/or minecraft servers.
- 7d tempban

8. Don't call out hackers in chat, report them using /report in game or via discord.
- 2h tempmute


Football rules

1. Football has a special set of rules and regulations for the league.
2. Don't troll.
2.1. Don't chase your teammates.
- 20min temporary fc ban
2.2. Don't kick the ball if your teammate has it.
- 20min temporary fc ban
2.3. Don't intentionally allow the enemy team score.
- 2h temporary fc ban
2.4. Don't score own goals.
- 1h temporary fc ban
2.5. Don't aimlessly chase the ball.
- 15min temporary fc ban
2.6. Listen to your teammates for tips.

3. Refrain from AFK-ing whilst in game.
- kick

4. Intentionally or unintentionally entering an active playground.
- During organized games: FCFA Warning
- During fc games: kick & 2h temporary fc ban
5. Refrain from rage quitting (leaving the game when you are losing).
- 30min temporary fc ban