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Welcome to Divine Realms!
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Disclaimer: The rules are subject to change if and when there's a need for that.

[1] Don't insult other community members
[2] Use of any clients except Vanilla is forbidden
- Lunar, Badlion, Feather, Forge, etc aren't allowed
- FCFA's VAR can use Forge for ReplayMod
- OptiFine is the only mod that's allowed
[3] Refrain from spamming, flooding and excessive caps lock
[4] Revealing community members personal information ("doxing") is prohibited
[5] Nationalism, racism, homophobia, sexism, etc is prohibited
[6] Bypassing set filters and/or punishments is not allowed
[7] Don't advertise other communities, discord and/or minecraft servers
[8] Don't call out hackers in chat, report them using the /report in game or via discord

Football has a special set of rules and regulations for the league.

[1] Don't troll
- Don't chase your teammates
- Don't kick the ball if your teammate has it or is going after it
- Don't intentionally allow the opposing team score
- Don't score own goals
- Don't aimlessly chase the ball
- Listen to your teammates for tips
[2] Refrain from AFK-ing whilst in game
[3] Don't intentionally or unintentionally enter an active playground
[4] Refrain from rage quitting
[1] Don't grief, steal and/or raid
[2] Only engage in combat if all parties involved consent to it